Accreditation of Teacher Education

Support & Workshops

Workshops for Institutions Seeking CAEP Accreditation

All those who are preparing program reports for submission to ILA/CAEP are strongly encouraged to attend an upcoming workshop. Institutions that send representatives to these workshops have an increased opportunity for National Recognition on the first submission.

Workshops will help guide program report compilation and also include learning about the Standards for Reading Professionals, rubrics, scoring guides, and the most recent developments from CAEP; reviewing model assessments; and talking with experienced program reviewers.


ALER 2015 Annual Conference in Costa Mesa

The ILA/CAEP Workshops will be held Saturday, November 7, 2015. Room location is TBA.

  • Writers' session 12:30 PM–1:55 PM
  • Reviewers' session 2:30 PM–3:55 PM

Individual consultation 30-minute will be available. Conference registration is required, but one does not have to pre-register for the ILA/CAEP sessions.


Standards for Reading Professionals-Revised 2010


Dr. Diane Kern, ILA SPA Coordinator