Awards & Grants

The International Literacy Association (ILA) offers the following awards and grants.

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Name Candidate Type Deadline (Month/Day)
Advocacy Award
State and provincial councils that demonstrate how they are working to affect educational policy and legislation through effective advocacy at the local, state/provincial, and/or national levels
Council/Affiliate 12/15
Award of Excellence
Awarded to state and provincial associations that have distinguished themselves through organizing and implementing a wide range of programs and activities in their state or province that (a) serve and support councils and members, (b) contribute to education, and (c) coincide with and support the programs and goals of the Association
Council/Affiliate 12/15
Celebrate Literacy Award
Organizations, institutions, and individuals that have made significant literacy contributions at the local, state, or provincial level are nominated by ILA member councils
Council/Affiliate Rolling
Certificate of Distinction for the Reading Preparation of Elementary and Secondary Teachers
For graduate or undergraduate programs preparing teachers for licensure/certification
College/University N/A
Children's and Young Adults' Book Award
Newly published authors apply for this award
Author 01/15
Constance McCullough International Research Grant
ILA members apply for this grant designated for use in international professional development activities outside of the U.S. or Canada
Researcher 01/15
Corwin Literacy Leader Award
presented by ILA

District or school administrator who offers literacy professional development, instructional resource support, and/or specific literacy programs
Administrator 01/15
Council Achievement Awards
Awarded annually to state and provincial councils who demonstrate exceptional achievement in the areas of teacher empowerment, community engagement, and public awareness
Council/Affiliate 04/15
Dina Feitelson Research Award
Authors and others submit an outstanding empirical study published in English in a refereed journal
Author 01/15
Elva Knight Research Grant
ILA members apply for this grant for research in reading and literacy
Researcher (school or university based) Graduate Student 01/15
Erwin Zolt Digital Literacy Game Changer Award
ILA members apply or are nominated for a significant, enduring, and positive contribution to online literacy education
Teacher/Institution/Collaboration (Technology-Based) 01/15
Exemplary Reading Program Award
State and Provincial Exemplary Reading Program Award Committees accept applications from public, private, charter, and parochial schools where at least one staff member is an ILA member for outstanding reading and language arts programs at all grade levels
Council/Affiliate 11/28
Grants for Literacy Projects in Countries With Developing Economies
ILA members who live in countries with developing economies apply for grants for literacy projects in their own countries
Teacher These grants are suspended until further notice pending available funding.
Helen M. Robinson Grant
ILA member doctoral students apply for this grant to assist at the early stages of dissertation research in the areas of reading and literacy
Student (Doctoral) 01/15
Honor Council Program
Local, student and special interest ILA councils apply for this award that recognizes well-rounded programs serving the council members, the community, the state/provincial association or affiliate, and ILA.
Council/Affiliate 12/15
ILA Conference Scholarship Fund
ILA members who work in low-income areas or are affected by natural disasters may apply for funding to attend ILA's annual conference
Educators in need 03/01
Jeanne S. Chall Research Fellowship
ILA members apply for this grant to support reading research by promising scholars
Student (Graduate School) 01/15
Jerry Johns Outstanding Teacher Educator in Reading Award
ILA members college or university teachers of reading methods or reading-related courses apply for this award or are nominated by peers
Teacher 01/15
Leaders Inspiring Readers Award
ILA member educators and researchers in the focus area of struggling readers apply for this award
Teacher/Researcher 01/15
Lee Bennett Hopkins Promising Poet Award
Poets of children's poetry apply for this award, which is given every three years (Spring 2016 is next award)
Author 01/15
Local Community Service Award
Local, student, or special interest ILA councils apply for this award for outstanding service to their communities and literacy
Council/Affiliate 12/15
Maryann Manning Special Service Award
ILA members apply or are nominated by peers for this award, given annually to a member who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment of distinguished service in the field of literacy
Teacher 01/15
National Affiliate Conference Grants
ILA national affiliates in good standing located in the countries the World Bank classifies as "economically developing" apply for grants for preconference planning, actual conferences expenses, and/or postconference
Council/Affiliate These grants are suspended until further notice pending available funding.
Nila Banton Smith Teacher as Researcher Grant
ILA member classroom teachers who show outstanding leadership in translating theory and current research into practice in developing content area literacy
Teacher Researcher (School-Based) 01/15
Regie Routman Teacher Recognition Grant
Elementary classroom teachers of grades K–8 dedicated to teaching purposeful reading and writing apply for this grant
Teacher 01/15
Steven A. Stahl Research Grant
ILA member graduate students who have at least three years of teaching experience and who are conducting classroom research apply for this grant
Student (Graduate School) 01/15
Timothy and Cynthia Shanahan Outstanding Dissertation Award
ILA members who have completed dissertations in any aspect of the field of reading or literacy within a certain time period apply for this award
Recent Graduate of Doctoral Program 01/15
Travel Grants for Educators
ILA or Affiliate members apply for these grants to support educators from any country to attend Association-sponsored meetings that are held outside the educators' own continent
Teacher 12/31
William S. Gray Citation of Merit
ILA members who have made outstanding contributions to multiple facets of literacy development—research, theory, practice, and policy—apply or are nominated by a peer for this award
Teacher 01/15

ILA does not offer financial aid for students.

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