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Awards & Grants

Exemplary Reading Program Award

The Exemplary Reading Program Award recognizes outstanding reading and language arts programs at all grade levels (elementary, middle, and high school). Its purpose is to call the public’s attention to outstanding programs in schools throughout Canada and the United States. Each participating state and provincial council, with an active ERPA committee chair, may choose one winning school a year.

All public, private, charter, and parochial schools in the United States and Canada are eligible for the award provided

  • The state or province in which the school is located has an Exemplary Reading Program Award Committee currently in place to judge program applications from that state or province
  • At least one faculty or staff member of that school is a current ILA member

Deadline: November 28


2018 Chapter Award Recipients

For additional information, contact Council Services.

2017-2018 State/Provincial ERPA Chairs

Alabama Reading Association - Jerry Bullock
Arkansas Reading Association - Kay Calvert
Arizona Reading Association - Mona W. Gillum
British Columbia Literacy Council - Carrie Froese
California Reading Association - Jody Anderson and Stephanie Jeppson
Colorado Council - Catherine B. Lynskey
Connecticut Reading Association - Jane Logie
Florida Reading Association - Heather Bolitho
Georgia Reading Association - Joyce Rowe
Iowa Reading Association - Nancy J. Wright
Idaho Council - Margaret Chase
Illinois Reading Council - Kimberley McKenna
Indiana State Reading Association - Robert Souza
Kansas Reading Association - Carolyn Doolittle
Louisiana Reading Association - Sherlyn Powell
Maryland State Council of the International Reading Association - Christine L. Sparr
Massachusetts Reading Association - Cami Condie
Michigan Reading Association - Lisa Rivard
Minnesota Reading Association - Kathryn Bannon
Mississippi Reading Association - Janice T. Cate
North Carolina Reading Association - Lisa Johnson
North Dakota Reading Association - Dina Laskowski
Nebraska State Reading Association - Julie Agard
New Mexico State Council - Ann Steinhoff
New York State Reading Association - Pat Shea-Bischoff
Oklahoma Reading Association - Elizabeth Willner
Oregon Reading Association - Beth Laforce
Keystone State Reading Association - Lynda Morley
South Carolina State Council of the International Reading Association - Cynthia W. Burgess
Tennessee Reading Association - Randal Kincaid
Texas Association for Literacy Education (TALE) - Matthew Panozzo
Virginia State Reading Association - Martha Reish
Washington Organization For Reading Development - Cheryl Vance
Wisconsin State Reading Association - Deborah V. Cromer
West Virginia Reading Association - Kimberly Burris