National Recognition

Apply to Become an ILA Program Reviewer for CAEP SPA Reports

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ILA Program Reviewer for CAEP SPA Reports. Applications are reviewed by ILA's SPA Coordinator and the CAEP SPA Committee Cochairs.

The following is a list of qualifications and performance expectations for program review:

  1. Ability to attend annual training sessions every two years either in-person at the ILA annual conference (registration fees may apply) or virtually online (free)
  2. Ability to make confidential, reasoned, unbiased professional judgments about reading/literacy specialist education programs based on their alignment with ILA's standards
  3. Basic knowledge about interpretation of data, performance-based assessment, use of rating scales and rubrics, and analysis of written information
  4. Commitment and availability to perform duties for a three-year term
  5. Available to review three to five reports at least once per academic year. There is a fall review cycle (October 15–November 15) and spring review cycle (April 15–June 1) annually
  6. Commitment to follow ILA Membership Policy and Member Code of Conduct
  7. Commitment to meet deadlines
  8. Computer literacy, access to the internet and email, and familiarity with submission and review databases (the review is conducted online)
  9. Current ILA membership
  10. Excellent writing skills that convey clear, substantive judgments about the program that support the review decision and that offer focused comments to provide institutions the information needed to bring their program into alignment with ILA's standards
  11. Expertise in the field of teaching, administration, teacher education, research, and/or program evaluation
  12. Familiarity with current and former editions of Standards for the Preparation of Literacy Professionals
  13. Good interpersonal skills, the ability to interact with team members in a courteous and collegial manner, and the ability to work toward consensus in team deliberations
  14. Three or more years of teaching or other experience related to pre-K–12 reading or literacy education

If you meet these criteria, please complete an online application form and include your vita. If you are selected as a Program Reviewer, you must agree to review program documents at least once per year (either fall or spring semester) for a period of three years. Reviewers in excellent standing may continue to review beyond the three-year period.