National Recognition

ILA National Recognition Recipients

Institutions that earn ILA National Recognition and ILA National Recognition With Distinction have demonstrated that their literacy professional preparation programs are exemplary and adhere to a rigorous set of standards.

They have also shown that their teacher candidates are well prepared and ready to meet the challenges of today's classrooms and to help all students become lifelong literacy learners.

Congratulations to the following institutions on their outstanding teacher education programs and for earning ILA National Recognition honors:

ILA National Recognition With Distinction

The University of Texas at San Antonio
May 2019–May 2024

At the University of Texas at San Antonio, receiving the ILA National Recognition With Distinction was helpful in two important ways. First, we have used it in our discussions with potential graduate students. Second, it has served as a reminder to continue to reflect on and improve our program.

West Virginia University
May 2019–May 2024

ILA National Recognition With Distinction provided us with the opportunity to look closely at our program's curriculum and field experiences and examine each course, learning outcome, content modules, and assignments against Standards for the Preparation of Literacy Professionals 2017. Earning ILA National Recognition With Distinction and support from our guiding professional organization is validating for our program faculty, college, and university.

ILA National Recognition

Loyola University Maryland
August 2020–August 2025

ILA National Recognition demonstrates that our program is committed to excellence and preparing literacy graduates to address challenges in education while serving as sources of change in their communities. This recognition has highlighted our work in training literacy leaders to work for social justice and educational equity.