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National Recognition

ILA National Recognition and ILA National Recognition With Distinction

The International Literacy Association (ILA) National Recognition for the Preparation of Literacy Professionals recognizes outstanding licensure, certificate, and endorsement programs that prepare reading/literacy specialists in the United States.

Earning ILA National Recognition demonstrates that the institution adheres to a rigorous set of standards for preparing literacy professionals, setting it apart from similar programs. This seal of approval, granted only by ILA, shows that the program meets or exceeds ILA's high standards for excellence.

What are the benefits of earning ILA National Recognition?

To qualify for ILA National Recognition, institutions must demonstrate that their program aligns with ILA's Standards for the Preparation of Literacy Professionals 2017 (Standards 2017). These rigorous standards were created to ensure that teacher candidates are fully prepared to enter the profession post-graduation. The ILA National Recognition review process helps institutions create the strongest preparatory programs possible, and earning ILA Recognition confirms the strength of each program.

Once your institution has earned ILA National Recognition, you will be able to use this designation to help you:

  • Market your program to potential students
  • Validate your status as an essential program in the university setting and assist in obtaining new resources from your university/college
  • Bolster grant applications to seek funding from foundations or state/federal governments

Institutions with programs that have implemented Standards 2017 at a distinguished level may advance to the next phase of the process, which provides the opportunity to earn ILA National Recognition With Distinction—the highest honor a literacy professional preparatory program can earn from ILA.

ILA will recognize programs that have earned ILA National Recognition With Distinction by

  • Including the institution and a link to its program's website on the ILA National Recognition Recipients webpage
  • Acknowledging the institution's receipt of the designation in a press release issued by ILA
  • Sharing the institution's recognition on one or more of ILA's social media channels
  • Inviting faculty from the institution to present at the National Recognition session at ILA's annual conference

ILA National Recognition Recipients

Institutions that earn ILA National Recognition and ILA National Recognition With Distinction have demonstrated that their literacy professional preparation programs are exemplary and adhere to a rigorous set of standards. Visit the ILA National Recognition Recipients webpage to see a list of the institutions that have achieved this honor.

If you have any questions, please contact ilanationalrecognition@reading.org