International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day (ILD) shines a spotlight on global literacy needs, which goes hand in hand with ILA's mission: literacy for everyone, everywhere. On ILD (and every day), ILA advocates for a literate world, supports literacy educators and leaders, and celebrates the power of literacy.

Join us for ILD 2016 as we explore our spotlight country Jamaica, where they believe "Out of Many, One People." We'll also get in step with the lengths to which students in countries with developing economies have to go to get to school each day, and go the distance to raise awareness and advance literacy in our own communities.

ILD Activity Kit

ILD Activity Kit

Advance literacy in your classroom with this free activity kit. Beginning September 8, 2016, help your students learn about another country and broaden their worldview with ILD activities that focus on Jamaica, a small island nation with a rich history and colorful culture.

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Steps to Advance Literacy

Service Project Kit

We're lacing up our sneakers and counting our steps to experience how far some students have to go each and every day just to get to school—and you can, too! Download this special kit with instructions on how to participate in this initiative as an individual, class, school, or community, and raise your awareness of the accessibility of education around the world.