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Resources for Mentoring New Teachers

 | Jan 03, 2012

Maurna Rome of IRA’s Teacher Advisory Panel recommends the following:


Guided Comprehension in the Primary Grades (Second Edition), Maureen McLaughlin, 2010

Essential Readings on Motivation, Jacquelynn A. Malloy, Barbara A. Marinak and Linda B. Gambrell, editors, 2010

Reciprocal Teaching at Work, Lori D. Oczkus, 2010

Effective Practices for Developing Reading Comprehension, Nell K. Duke, P. David Pearson, What Research Has to Say About Reading Instruction, 2002

Igniting a Passion for Reading, Steven Layne, 2009

Engaged Silent Reading, Emily A. Swan, Cassandra S. Coddington, John T. Guthrie, Revisiting Silent Reading: New Directions for Teachers and Researchers, 2010


IRA members who subscribe to journals, click here to login to your account, and then visit the journal archives for The Reading Teacher (RT) and Reading Research Quarterly (RRQ) on Wiley Online Library.

Gambrell, L. B. (2011), Seven Rules Of Engagement: What’s Most Important to Know About Motivation to Read. The Reading Teacher, 65: 172–178.

Duke, N. K., Purcell-Gates, V., Hall, L. A. and Tower, C. (2006), Authentic Literacy Activities for Developing Comprehension and Writing. The Reading Teacher, 60: 344–355.

Myers, P. A. (2005), The Princess Storyteller, Clara Clarifier, Quincy Questioner, and the Wizard: Reciprocal Teaching Adapted for Kindergarten Students. The Reading Teacher, 59: 314–324.

Baker, Linda and Allan Wigfield (1999), Dimensions of Children’s Motivation for Reading and Their Relations to Reading Activity and Reading Achievement. Reading Research Quarterly, 34: 452–477.

Maurna Rome is a First Grade Teacher at Hawthorne Elementary in Albert Lea, MN, and is a member of the International Reading Association’s Teacher Advisory Panel.

IRA members: read Maurna Rome's article "Musings from a Mentor" on page 12 of the December/January issue of Reading Today.


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