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IRA Literacy Research Panel Launches New Blog

 | Apr 20, 2013
P. David Pearson
P. David Pearson

Nell Duke
Nell Duke

Today Reading Today Online inaugurates a new feature for our readers, namely a blog devoted to research-focused commentary, information, and analysis provided, invited, and overseen by members of the IRA Literacy Research Panel (LRP) chaired by the distinguished and internationally recognized scholar, P. David Pearson of the University of California, Berkeley.

Designed by an LRP subcommittee chaired by Nell Duke of the University of Michigan to be a robust source for continual dissemination of research perspectives on a range of contemporary issues of literacy instruction and education policy, the new blog will be launched in a live demonstration this morning at the LRP’s opening research session at IRA San Antonio.

Portal to the Panel’s Resources

The blog will serve as the portal to all of the resources available from the LRP, including the Panel’s policy briefs, integrated units, and a range of blog posts by LRP members and other scholars invited by the panel to contribute. The decision to situate it within Reading Today Online was driven by the fact that Reading Today Online draws tens of thousands of monthly visitors, insuring that this new resource will debut to the widest possible exposure.

Moreover, interactive connections have been built into each component segment of the blog to allow readers to comment on and reply to individual blog posts. The LRP’s goal for the blog is to attract and sustain an active online community of literacy researchers, classroom teachers, administrators, and policy analysts by publishing brief, plain-English research frames on critical issues, including the Common Core State Standards, student engagement, text complexity, assessment, content area literacy, and many other pertinent topics.

Organized in Five Tabs

The LRP blog is organized in five posting types, each of which maintains a distinct perspective with respect to the content offered therein:

  • Scintillating Studies

A panel member or invited author will draw attention to a single study on literacy policy or practice through (a) a brief summary of the study, and (b) comments on the importance and implications of the study.

In the first Scintillating Studies post, panel member Peter Afflerbach reflects on a major research contribution of Richard L. Allington.

  • Research Roundup

A panel member or invited author draws attention to a review of research or him- or herself presents an annotated list of studies on a topic in literacy policy or practice.

In the inaugural Research Roundup post, panel member Nell Duke provides a detailed link list referencing reports of note from the What Works Clearinghouse.

  • Ask a Researcher

A panel member or invited author responds to a question about literacy policy or practice that has been at least partially addressed in research (reader questions are welcome!).

For the initial Ask a Researcher post, panel member Virginia Goatley responds to the question: Does the edTPA (Ed Teacher Performance Assessment) have research behind it?

  • Research and Practice/Policy: Our Take
A panel member shares an opinion on a topic in literacy policy or practice, with theory and/or research presented to support the opinion.

In the first Our Take post, panel member John Guthrie argues that attaining the CCSS without a strong focus on engagement is impossible.

  • Policy Monitor
A panel member or invited author briefly introduces a significant new research piece, policy, statement, or report and includes a live link to the actual source.

For the opening Policy Monitor post, panel member Nell Duke offers an overview of State Policy in Pre-K and K with links to current sources.

The current plan calls for two new blog postings per week until the end of school and one per week over the summer.



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