Standards for Reading Professionals—Revised 2010

International Reading Association

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Standards for Reading Professionals

Book Description

What should reading professionals know and be able to do? The fully updated and revised Standards 2010 identifies the performance criteria necessary to assess competence of reading educators and to design programs to foster this competence.

Two new professional role categories are addressed: (1) the middle and high school content teacher and (2) the middle and high school reading classroom teacher. Also, with the addition of a new diversity standard, Standards 2010 addresses the urgent need for preparing reading professionals to teach today's increasingly diverse student population.

Standards 2010 also provides matrixes that list each role with the corresponding elements of each standard, to help you view a specific standard's element and its description across all roles.

Note: Standards 2010 has been updated as of Spring 2018. To purchase a copy of Standards 2017, click here. The Standards 2017 FAQ can be found here.

Standards 2010 Online Version

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