OCTOBER 3–29, 2020

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Exhibitor Presentations—October 10–16 Events

All times listed are ET.

Saturday, October 10

Time Exhibitor Presenter(s) Presentation Topic
10:30 AM Corwin Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey Live Q&A
10:30 AM Learning Without Tears Teresa Cornett Building the Reading Brain by Engaging Young Learners in Language and Literacy
Join Teresa Cornett, NBCT to experience Pre-K literacy and language come to life. Teresa will teach key language and literacy lessons for preschoolers using an approach that could easily be converted to an asynchronous recording if needed for parents/caregivers to keep the learning going at home.

Activities to promote children's emerging abilities to understand and use language will be demonstrated using a hands-on, multisensory approach to learning that will encourage the development of the phonological assembly in the brain. Songs, puppets, and other manipulatives will be incorporated to help build the circuity necessary to connect phonemes and letters.

Bring your imagination, and "pretend" with us during this lively demonstration as we learn new words, sounds, and more!
10:30 AM OverDrive Education Scott Higinbotham Students win when public libraries and schools partner
Discover how districts and schools can benefit from library/school sharing. The Sora student reading app's groundbreaking built-in public library access opens a world of new reading possibilities to students, enabling access to a selection of ebooks and audiobooks far greater than any one school could collect on its own. And find out how educators can leverage the public library's collection in conjunction with Sora's reading stats tracking capabilities to better serve their students.
10:30 AM Savvas Learning Company Savvas Learning's Vice President of Literacy, Joan Warrick Reading Instruction Based on Science
Join Savvas Learning's Vice President of Literacy, Joan Warrick, for an introductory workshop on the Science of Reading that will build on what you know and provide insight into goals for additional learning!

The Science of Reading: Clarifying Misconceptions

Can a focus on foundational skills and balanced literacy coexist? Listen to Dr. Sharon Vaughn describe the Science of Reading and implications for literacy instruction, clarifying misconceptions presented in this latest resurgence. This podcast provides valuable information every teacher can use.
10:30 AM Scholastic John Schu introduces the Scholastic Bookshelf 100th Anniversary - How to Build an Effective Classroom Library
The Scholastic Bookshelf on Instagram offers access to a curated selection of excerpts from over 60 stories that help family members and teachers answer the question, "How do I talk to my student/child about...?" Teacher-librarian John Schu and author Samantha Berger will share how to navigate and utilize this exciting new resource.This exclusive event in the Scholastic Virtual Showcase is limited to the first 100 attendees!
10:45 AM Publisher Spotlight   20+ Publisher Book Buzz
Discover more than 30 new books for your students from publishers including Candlewick, Disney, Holiday House, Live Oak Media, Magnetic Press, Manga Classics, Pajama Press, Peachtree, Simon & Schuster, Tilbury House, Tiny Owl Books, Two Lions, and Workman Publishing. Includes picture books, chapter books, middle grade books, graphic novels, and audiobooks. Register to win a selection of presented titles when you attend live.
11:00 AM Overdrive Education Connie Bowman Sora Demo
Join OverDrive Education for a demo of Sora, the student reading app. Easy onboarding, a simple, one-tap step to borrow and start reading, and automatic syncing across devices allows students to engage with books instead of tech troubleshooting. Sora also offers personalization and IEP support with audiobooks, dyslexic font, enlarged text and Read-Alongs.  Don't miss this chance to get to know Sora!
11:00 AM Reycraft Books Maria Campanario  Equity, Social Justice, and Literacy in the New Normal
11:30 AM Heinemann (Learning Lab) Lucy Calkins and Hareem Khan Yes, Workshop Teaching Can Be Alive and Well in Your Virtual and Blended Classrooms: Practical Help for Holding Tight to Workshop Teaching
In this session, Lucy Calkins and Hareem Khan will share practical tips and videos that help you imagine real-world, doable ways to hold tight to the values of workshop teaching even when you are teaching in hybrid, remote, or social-distanced classrooms. You'll get a peek into the virtual teaching supports that Calkins and her Teachers College Reading and Writing Project colleagues have developed to help teachers teach the Units of Study virtually, and hear about ways to help students have social relationships that support literacy and opportunities to read and write for their own important reasons. You will also hear feedback from teachers who are supported by communities of practice.
11:30 AM Scholastic (Learning Lab) Lauren Tarshis and Tricia Culligan The Power of Stories to Build Resilience and Empathy
As our students navigate today's disrupted and complex world, stories can provide them with models of resilience and empathy that can empower and inspire them. In this session, I Survived author and Storyworks editor Lauren Tarshis and Storyworks 3 editor Tricia Culligan share insights and tactics for finding these stories and incorporating them into the school day and independent reading plans.
12:15 PM Microsoft (Learning Lab)   Supporting Students With Learning Differences With Free Microsoft Learning Tools
Microsoft has created free, accessible assistive technology to support students who struggle with reading, writing, math, and communication. Whether you are in the classroom or distance learning, this session will help you foster inclusion and increase accessibility in your learning community. The presenter will showcase how these free, accessible learning tools can be used to support classroom engagement for users with learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or ADHD, as well as emerging readers, English learners, or students with any combination of abilities. Details, demonstrations, and student examples will be shared about several new and improved sets of features across Microsoft products.
12:15 PM Reading Plus (Learning Lab) Alexandra Spichtig Reading Efficiency: The Gateway to Reading Motivation and Sustained Reading Success
Reading efficiency is a facet of reading behavior that is proven to be highly relevant to instruction and critical to reading proficiency. It has not, however, received the empirical attention it deserves. This presentation will draw attention to variations in efficiency between proficient and non-proficient readers and the implications of these variations for instruction. Carefully designing an environment that best serves each student's needs is critical to providing all students with effective reading instruction and practice. As such, matching instructional objectives with skill development and reading tasks that include appropriate levels of text complexity is an important consideration when we strive to effectively assist students in overcoming inefficient and/or ineffective reading habits.

Tuesday, October 13

Time Exhibitor Presenter(s) Presentation Topic
5:30 PM Heinemann   Complete Comprehension
Assessing, Evaluating, and Teaching to support students' comprehension of chapter books; now with digital supports!

Wednesday, October 14

Time Exhibitor Presenter(s) Presentation Topic
4:00 PM Collaborative Classroom   Creating a Virtual Writers' Workshop: Ensuring Time, Choice, Response, and Community
How can we create virtual writing instruction that supports the development of independence, confidence, and competence in our writers? Which practices are best done synchronously? What practices might be conducted asynchronously? How might we expand the audience for our writers to give them greater purpose and increase authenticity?

In this one-hour webinar, we will explore these questions through the lens of the National Writing Project-supported curriculum Being A Writer and hear from educators including Stephanie Milligan, ELA Coordinator for Howard County Public Schools, MD, and Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, executive director of the National Writing Project.
5:00 PM Reycraft Books Joseph Bruchac Mirrors, Windows and Sliding Glass Doors: A Practical Approach and A Personal Journey
6:00 PM Heinemann   Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI)
Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a short-term, supplementary intervention system proven to improve literacy achievement of struggling readers with engaging leveled books and fast-paced systematically designed lessons. Coming soon: a secure student-facing platform that provides student access via a subscription model!

Thursday, October 15

Time Exhibitor Presenter(s) Presentation Topic
12:00 PM Amplify   Literacy in a Changing World: Moving Forward Together
Back by popular demand, our 2nd ever free Virtual Literacy Symposium will help educators face the only thing that's certain about the educational landscape today: uncertainty.
4:00 PM Collaborative Classroom   Reimagining Discipline with a Teaching-and-Learning Approach: A Roundtable Discussion
As many schools open with remote learning, virtual classroom management and discipline are pressing priorities for educators. Some schools have adopted the same reward-and-punishment systems that they used during in-person instruction. Others are taking a teaching-and-learning approach to discipline. In this webinar, we'll hear from teachers and administrators who are implementing a reimagined approach to discipline and who will share practical ways in which their schools are supporting students.

In our roundtable discussion, we will explore questions such as:
• What makes discipline challenging for teachers in a virtual environment?
• What are the similarities and differences between supporting students in-person versus virtually?
• How do we foster self-discipline? Why is this an important alternative to more common reward-and-punishment systems of discipline?
• How do we support students when they make behavior mistakes?
• What is the role of the principal and or school counselor? How do we enlist families as partners?
5:00 PM Read Naturally Ben Weisner, Read Naturally Senior Solutions Manager Reading for Meaning with Read Live
Develop fluency, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension skills by combining the research-based strategies of teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. Learn to differentiate student instruction and provide systematic fluency and phonics intervention. This powerful strategy is demonstrated using Read Live, which now includes Read Naturally Live and Word Warm-ups Live.


Time Exhibitor Presenter(s) Presentation Topic
Prerecorded Collaborative Classroom    
Prerecorded Mackin Deidra Purvis and Erin Fallgatter SEL in Isolation: Maintaining Mindfulness during Distance Learning
These uncertain times have catapulted us into uncharted territories of teaching and learning from a distance. With sudden change comes both innovation and anxiety. How might we continue to support our own, our students, and our families' social and emotional well-being during this time of social isolation? Here we will explore some practical ways to maintain mindfulness during distance learning.
Prerecorded Mackin Jen McCarty Plucker and Kia Heise Surefire Ways to Engage Your eReaders
Our students are at home now. Some of them have access to print books, but many do not. Most of our learners do have access to digital texts as they participate in distance learning. This webinar will dive into surefire ways to engage our readers in a digital environment.
Prerecorded Mackin Jen McCarty Plucker and Lindsay Simmons Better Together: Crowdsourcing for Connection and Curiosity in a Blended Learning Environment
In this session we will explore some ideas educators have around building relationships with students, maintaining connection while apart, and cultivating curiosity. We will have ways for participants to share their stories of successful relationship building and inquiry during the session. These crowdsourced ideas will be shared out as well. We will end by examining powerful digital tools educators can use to promote connection and curiosity in our classrooms and libraries.
Prerecorded Mackin Lindsay Simmons and Katy Tessman Maker-spacing Your Distance Learning
We have heard that maker education, hands on learning, and STEM teaches our students collaboration, a growth mindset, creativity, problem solving, and many other crucial skills that they need to be successful in the twenty-first century. How might we set up conditions for maker education at home in practical ways for teachers, students, and the adults who are supporting and learning alongside them? This webinar will explore the reasons for engaging our students in making and the ways we can infuse it into our distance learning or hybrid learning environments.