OCTOBER 3–29, 2020

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Exhibitor Presentations—October 17–23 Events

All times listed are ET.

Saturday, October 17

Time Exhibitor Presenter(s) Presentation Topic
10:30 AM Learning Without Tears   Create Confident Communicators for the 21st Century with Learning Without Tears
Our proven methods have gone digital to help your students prepare for what's NEXT. A well-rounded literacy foundation that combines handwriting and keyboarding instruction will help students tackle the challenges of the 21st-century classroom, and we have the one-of-a-kind tools to ensure success.

In this session, you will discover the digital teaching tools and student applications that prepare your students to communicate with confidence in every classroom environment. You'll see our brand-new handwriting application and exciting updates to our award-winning keyboarding curriculum. We will discuss the methods and resources that build students' skills on paper and on the computer screen in just a few minutes each day. Join us to learn how easy and engaging it can be to equip your K–5 students with the critical literacy skills of today and tomorrow.
10:30 AM Overdrive Education Meredith Wemhoff Engaging Students and Educators with Multilingual Digital Content
How can your school meet world readiness standards and engage your entire language learning community? The answer just might be ebooks and audiobooks. Join OverDrive's experts to learn how a diverse, inclusive digital collection can help differentiate your language lesson plan, leveraging unique formats like Read-Alongs, bilingual titles, graphic novels and reader's theater texts. You'll also discover how to use digital to foster cross-cultural communication through student-generated works and multilingual content from your community.
10:30 AM Publisher Spotlight Christopher Lloyd All New Kids Encyclopedia Britannica Quiz
Join in a fun and fact-filled morning as quizmaster Chris Lloyd leads participants through eight categories of knowledge with questions answered in the new kids' encyclopedia. The winner will receive the deluxe version as a keepsake of your victory.
10:30 AM Savvas Learning Company Dr. Frank Serafini This Is Not What I Learned in School! Tips for Teaching in Times of Transition
How do we navigate the transition to distance learning as we seek to serve our students? How do we implement elearning effectively? Dr. Serafini shares his research on visual and multimodal literacy, working with contemporary picturebooks to support young readers' comprehension.
10:30 AM Scholastic Jodie Cohen 100th Anniversary - Play Along with Teacher Resources
Join us for an opportunity to win free products! Featuring LIVE, interactive games, host Jodie Cohen will introduce new educational learning materials. Learn about the teaching tools to help you navigate the new challenges facing teachers today and ask questions during this special LIVE event! This exclusive event will take place in the Scholastic Virtual Showcase and is open to the first 100 attendees to access the exhibitor page.
All attendees will receive an exclusive 100th anniversary tote bag, and be entered to win additional prizes from Scholastic Teacher Resources!
11:00 AM Overdrive Education Traci Egan Sora Demo
Join OverDrive Education for a demo of Sora, the student reading app. Easy onboarding, a simple, one-tap step to borrow and start reading, and automatic syncing across devices allows students to engage with books instead of tech troubleshooting. Sora also offers personalization and IEP support with audiobooks, dyslexic font, enlarged text and Read-Alongs. Don't miss this chance to get to know Sora!
11:00 AM Reycraft Books Joseph Bruchac and Reycraft Books Executive Editor, Eileen Robinson Mirrors, Windows and Sliding Glass Doors: A Practical Approach and A Personal Journey
Join award-winning author Joseph Bruchac and Reycraft Books Executive Editor, Eileen Robinson, for a live event on the importance of authentic voices and cultural representation in student reading resources, creating a more inclusive curriculum. Bruchac and Robinson will provide an overview of key concepts and practical approaches on how helping children see themselves through more than one lens, and integrating their voices and unique perspectives, can create a more rich experience in both independent reading and curriculum instruction. Through the lens of both historical and contemporary Native-American culture, Bruchac shares his own personal journey during the creation of his award-winning series, The Powwow Mysteries, and A Wolf Cub's Song including the integration of his Native American heritage into its development, showing that sliding mirrors, windows, and doors are what every child needs.
11:30 AM Heinemann (Learning Lab) Kristin Ziemke and Katie Muhtaris Rethinking Learning: Digital Best Practice for Remote, Hybrid, and In-Person Instruction
Our school year may look different from previous years, but what we know about teaching and learning endures. Today, we ground ourselves in pedagogy as we rethink literacy, adapt and adopt our practices to meet the needs of a changing environment, and focus on relationships as the cornerstone of our instruction. With a few adjustments and new strategies for digital learning, we can plan interactive lessons, differentiate with resources, and excite students with ownership and purpose. Whether multiplying yourself via video, assessing from a distance, or looking to familiarize yourself with digital literacy research, we will provide structures and strategies that simplify your teaching and result in joyful learning.
11:30 AM Scholastic (Learning Lab) Eric Litwin and Gina Pepin The Power of Joyful Reading: Help Young Readers Soar to Success
Eric Litwin, original author of the best-selling Pete the Cat series, and Gina Pepin, an award-winning teacher, provide expert strategies to promote social-emotional growth, build foundational reading skills, and create a love of reading. Their framework supports all curricula and works with all learning approaches to immerse young children in joyful shared reading experiences, help them learn to love books and reading, and see themselves as successful readers.
12:15 PM Lead4Change Student Leadership Program (Learning Lab) Linda Spahr and Colleen McKean Literacy Strength Through Leadership Lessons
During this session, participants will learn about the Lead4Change Student Leadership Program, which is for sixth- through 12th-grade students in the United States and is available free for U.S. educators. Through the program, students use and strengthen their literacy skills through a series of leadership lessons and a service project. Learn why the program is a perfect fit for a virtual or hybrid learning environment.
Prerecorded Corwin Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey The Thrill of Accelerating Comprehension in Any Setting
In this webinar, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Nicole Law discuss how to motivate and engage your readers with a new, unifying framework for reading comprehension.

Tuesday, October 20

Time Exhibitor Presenter(s) Presentation Topic
5:30 PM Heinemann   Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI)
Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a short-term, supplementary intervention system proven to improve literacy achievement of struggling readers with engaging leveled books and fast-paced systematically designed lessons. Coming soon: a secure student-facing platform that provides student access via a subscription model!

Wednesday, October 21

Time Exhibitor Presenter(s) Presentation Topic
5:00 PM Benchmark Education Jeff Zwiers Talk to Me: Key Moves for Energizing Student Conversations Online
6:00 PM Heinemann   Fountas and Pinnell Classroom (FPC)
Fountas and Pinnell Classroom resources maximize student learning with systemic lessons, student books and materials, and powerful tools that guide teachers language and actions and support them in expert decision making for high-impact literacy instruction. Coming soon: a secure student-facing platform that provides student access via a subscription model for guided reading and shared reading books!

Thursday, October 22

Time Exhibitor Presenter(s) Presentation Topic
5:30 PM Bloomsbury Amra Sabic-El-Rayess & Sandy Tolan; Moderated by Senior Editor, Susan Dobinick Authors in Conversation: Connections, War, and Survival
Join two nonfiction authors Amra Sabic-El-Rayess, author of The Cat I Never Named, and Sandy Tolan, author of The Lemon Tree: Young Readers Edition, as they discuss why their books are relevant to teens today and how human connections can be made even amongst the horrors of war.


Time Exhibitor Presenter(s) Presentation Topic
Prerecorded Collaborative Classroom   Going Deeper with Acceleration: Strategic, Assessment-Driven, and Differentiated Instruction to Accelerate All Readers
In this professional learning session, we do a deep dive into the work of accelerating all readers, considering the roles of foundational skills mastery, a safe and supportive learning environment, data collection and assessment, and the settled science of reading instruction through the lens of the SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) program for grades K–12.
Prerecorded Collaborative Classroom   Reimagine Your Comprehensive Reading Instruction with Being a Reader, Second Edition
Our Being a Reader curriculum is now a comprehensive reading program for grades K–2, adding rigorous comprehension work to systematic, explicit, and sequential foundational skills instruction. In this presentation, we explore key features of Being a Reader, Second Edition, including comprehensive reading instruction, increased representation in trade book selection, increased support for English Language Learners, simplified materials management, and robust grading support.
Prerecorded Curriculum Associates Dr. Anita Archer Zoom to Boom
Embracing the Science of Instruction in the New School Year

Despite the uncertainty created by the pandemic, Dr. Anita Archer reminds us that learning is always the goal and quality instruction is the path. In this on-demand webinar, Dr. Archer talks through the evidence-based practices we must utilize to optimize learning, regardless of the instructional setting:

Bell-to-bell instruction
Clear lesson goals
Structured lessons with an introduction, body, and close
Opportunities to respond
Consistent monitoring of performance
Effective feedback
Judicious practice

When these elements are consistently and effectively used, learning results.
Prerecorded Mackin Deidra Purvis and Erin Fallgatter SEL in Isolation: Maintaining Mindfulness during Distance Learning
These uncertain times have catapulted us into uncharted territories of teaching and learning from a distance. With sudden change comes both innovation and anxiety. How might we continue to support our own, our students, and our families' social and emotional well-being during this time of social isolation? Here we will explore some practical ways to maintain mindfulness during distance learning.
Prerecorded Mackin Jen McCarty Plucker and Kia Heise Surefire Ways to Engage Your eReaders
Our students are at home now. Some of them have access to print books, but many do not. Most of our learners do have access to digital texts as they participate in distance learning. This webinar will dive into surefire ways to engage our readers in a digital environment.
Prerecorded Mackin Jen McCarty Plucker and Lindsay Simmons Better Together: Crowdsourcing for Connection and Curiosity in a Blended Learning Environment
In this session we will explore some ideas educators have around building relationships with students, maintaining connection while apart, and cultivating curiosity. We will have ways for participants to share their stories of successful relationship building and inquiry during the session. These crowdsourced ideas will be shared out as well. We will end by examining powerful digital tools educators can use to promote connection and curiosity in our classrooms and libraries.
Prerecorded Mackin Lindsay Simmons and Katy Tessman Maker-spacing Your Distance Learning
We have heard that maker education, hands on learning, and STEM teaches our students collaboration, a growth mindset, creativity, problem solving, and many other crucial skills that they need to be successful in the twenty-first century. How might we set up conditions for maker education at home in practical ways for teachers, students, and the adults who are supporting and learning alongside them? This webinar will explore the reasons for engaging our students in making and the ways we can infuse it into our distance learning or hybrid learning environments.
Prerecorded Savvas Learning Company Dr. Sharon Vaughn The Science of Reading: Clarifying Misconceptions
Can a focus on foundational skills and balanced literacy coexist? Listen to Dr. Sharon Vaughn describe the Science of Reading and implications for literacy instruction, clarifying misconceptions presented in this latest resurgence. This podcast provides valuable information every teacher can use.
Prerecorded Savvas Learning Company Savvas Learning's Vice President of Literacy, Joan Warrick Reading Instruction Based on Science
Join Savvas Learning's Vice President of Literacy, Joan Warrick, for an introductory workshop on the Science of Reading will build on what you know and provide insight into goals for additional learning!
Prerecorded Savvas Learning Company Dr. Ernest Morrell Engaging All Students With Culturally Relevant Instruction
Why aren't all students engaged? Dr. Ernest Morrell speaks to his research on the path to academic equity through student engagement via culturally relevant instruction. With this in mind, he answers the question "What is culturally relevant instruction?"
Prerecorded Savvas Learning Company Dr. Ernest Morrell Strengthening Writing and Media Literacy Instruction During Distance Learning
Dr. Ernest Morrell, Coyle Professor of Literacy Education at the University of Notre Dame, shares valuable tips for strengthening writing and media literacy instruction in a distance or hybrid learning environment