OCTOBER 3–29, 2020

ILA Next

Opportunities for Exhibitors and Sponsors at ILA Next

Becoming a virtual partner in ILA Next is a sound investment. Key benefits include the following:

  • The ability to connect directly with literacy professionals from all over the globe. Providing a cost-effective virtual experience that is rich in content, requires no travel, and offers several opportunities for meaningful engagement will boost attendance, and the format and flexibility of scheduling will make it easier for decision makers to participate.
  • Repeated exposure that builds brand recognition. Educational programming provided over a four-week period gives registrants sustained exposure to your brand and products, increasing the likelihood of selecting your product(s) when making a purchasing decision.
  • Four (4) hours of dedicated Exhibitor Showcase time. Engage with attendees and share products and services during these dedicated times. Interactive hours will be highlighted in the attendee agenda.
  • An Exhibitor Showcase with 24/7 access over two months. Participants can request appointments, learn more about products and services, and access information the entire duration of the event and after the event until November 30, 2020, helping you to make connections around the clock with extended visibility. A preview week is also planned for September 28–October 2. Exhibitor Showcases ($1500–$2500) include a host of digital activations, engagement opportunities, and reporting information based on the showcase investment.
  • Longer shelf life. Attendees will have the ability to download and replay content later and repeatedly.

Join the Community

The Exhibitor Showcase offers more than virtual booth space. We have designed a virtual community for our corporate partners with different price points to stay within your promotional budget. Learn more now and become a part of ILA Next.

Request for Virtual Exhibitor Showcase and Sponsorship Prospectus