OCTOBER 3–29, 2020

ILA Next

Pathway Workshops

Registration in ILA Next includes your choice of one Pathway Workshop series, organized by age of learner and designed around timely topics most relevant to your work, through a responsive lens that acknowledges the critical challenges facing today’s literacy teachers.

Primary Pathway

Ages 5–8

The foundational years of literacy instruction are critical to ensuring student success. Critical topics covered include comprehension, fluency, the value of oral traditions, and the importance of inclusive literature.

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Intermediate Pathway

Ages 9–11

Students have unique instructional needs in the intermediate grades. In addition to looking at the reading and writing instructional needs of this age group, you'll also discuss how to leverage content area learning and maximize time in the classroom.

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Middle Pathway

Ages 12–14

Literacy education in the middle years means shifting focus to knowledge building while still shoring up foundational literacy skills. Explore topics such as adolescent reading and writing, interventions for struggling learners, word study, and more.

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Secondary Pathway

Ages 15+

By the time students reach the secondary level, literacy instruction often defaults to college readiness. Here, the focus will be on preparing learners to be active and engaged citizens of the world. Diversity, identity, disciplinary literacy, and writing will all be addressed.

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