OCTOBER 3–29, 2020

ILA Next

Intermediate Pathway (Ages 9–11)

Students have unique instructional needs in the intermediate grades. Explore the reading and writing instructional needs of this age group and learn how to leverage content area learning and maximize time in the classroom.

Recorded Tuesday, October 6

Molly Ness

Every Minute Matters: Literacy-Rich Instructional Ideas to Optimize Classroom Times

Molly Ness

Time may be the most precious commodity in the classroom. From covering all the necessary curriculum and imparting life skills to attending meetings and answering emails, educators are faced with real challenges and there never seems to be enough time to do it all. Although teachers don't have the power to create more minutes in the school day, they do have the power to be effective and efficient with the time given. In this workshop, we examine our use of time in the classroom in order to make more space for literacy. We then preview innovative activities designed to optimize instructional time, engage students, and provide literacy-rich transitions. Together, we outline literacy-rich activities that optimize transitional times and minimize lost instructional minutes—in face-to-face and online formats.

Recorded Tuesday, October 13

Lori Oczkus

Closing the Gap with the "Fab Four": High-Yield Comprehension Lessons

Lori Oczkus

As a result of the COVID-19 slide, many students have fallen behind in reading. In this workshop, participants can explore how to accelerate literacy scores across blended or distance learning platforms in intermediate grades using proven, engaging, high-yield comprehension strategies. When you teach students to comprehend using evidence-based, reciprocal teaching or the "Fab Four" strategies of predict, question, clarify, and summarize, they will begin to make dramatic reading gains of .74 in just a few months.  Learn engaging ways to start now during live, hybrid, or remote instruction using informational text, fiction, poetry, close reading, distance and hybrid small groups, and book clubs.

Recorded Tuesday, October 20

Tamera Slaughter Rhonda Sutton

Joy-Fueled Learning

Tamera Slaughter and Rhonda Sutton

In this workshop, Tamera Slaughter and Rhonda Sutton discuss the importance of bringing joy to learning by centering self, play, and relationships. Watch how you can work to make joy-fueled learning a cornerstone of your classroom.

Recorded Tuesday, October 27

Frances Gonzalez-Garcia

There's a Book for That! Stacking Up Literacy Conversations With Interactive Literacy Charts, Book Stacks, and Digital Tools

Frances Gonzalez-Garcia

Reimagine the in-person and/or digital classroom walls of your literacy space and learn how to create interactive learning opportunities to drive student engagement, cultivate a "connected" literacy community, and foster confidence in readers using Active Learning Literacy Charts.