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Literacy and Content Instruction That Supports Language Development

For decades, assessment data has painted a concerning picture of students’ reading comprehension, revealing that traditional approaches have fallen short in raising proficient readers. However, research demonstrates that integrated content and literacy approaches have a significant impact over typical instruction in both vocabulary and comprehension outcomes in elementary school. In this ILA Intensive hosted by Sonia Cabell, speakers will focus on how content-rich approaches, which often integrate science and social studies with oral language instruction, improve students’ language development in the early grades and offer ideas for classroom application.

Through sessions from keynote Susan B. Neuman and featured speakers HyeJin Hwang, Jackie Relyea, and Tanya S. Wright, participants will learn how to 

  • Make content-rich conversations the cornerstone of learning
  • Foster language comprehension through content-rich read-alouds
  • Craft text sets and using multimedia to build vocabulary and knowledge

In addition, they will gain

  • A firm understanding of what constitutes content-rich literacy instruction—where students are immersed in multiple, engaging, and connected texts around a science or social studies topic
  • Insight into how this interwoven instruction can close vocabulary and comprehension gaps and assist in knowledge building
  • Explicit examples of how to integrate science and social studies within literacy instruction in early childhood classrooms
  • Frameworks for supporting young students’ inference-making—their ability to activate prior knowledge to generate new ideas—and creating an inquiry-rich learning environment

For a preview, listen in as Sonia Cabell explains the importance of oral language instruction.

Who should register: School-based educators, principals, teacher educators, and preservice teachers

Registration: $79.00 for members  |  $119.00 nonmembers (includes annual membership)

Special pricing is available for groups of 5+, students, and individuals in countries with developing economies. Contact for details.