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Building a Global Literacy Community in a Time of Remote/Hybrid Learning

Technology is making it easier than ever to connect students to the world and foster closeness while being physically distant. In this time of remote and hybrid learning, students' motivation and engagement can be revitalized through making connections with cross-cultural communities online.

In this ILA at Home event, Global Teacher Prize Finalist and ILA 2021 30 Under 30 honoree Akash Patel will discuss how educators can connect their students with individuals from around the world and share resources for standards-based interdisciplinary learning experiences that connect, engage, and empower students as valued global citizens. "I see literacy as a window to communicate with the world," says Patel. "It's an opportunity to travel through reading, writing, and speaking with people of different cultures."

Akash Patel

Registration: $45.00  |  FREE FOR ILA MEMBERS

Access is available on demand through February 7, 2022.


Embedding a Culture of Literacy in Teacher Preparation Programs

To achieve effective and equitable literacy instruction for all students, it is critical that instructors and students in teacher preparation programs work together to provide meaningful literacy instruction across all disciplines. Embedding a culture of literacy can accomplish this goal. In this ILA at Home event, Eugene Pringle Jr. will share with attendees ways in which teacher preparation programs can work to infuse a culture of literacy across all programs of study and ways in which it can be accomplished through a collective and strategic approach.

Eugene Pringle Jr.

Registration: $45.00  |  FREE FOR ILA MEMBERS

Access is available on demand through November 22, 2021.