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Featured Research Sessions

Of the many research-focused sessions at ILA 2017, make sure you don't miss these standout offerings from ILA's Literacy Research Panel.

Research Address: Preventing and Remediating Reading Difficulties With Keynote Speaker Donna M. Scanlon

This session will discuss the Interactive Strategies Approach (an instructional and intervention strategy that reduces the incidence and severity of reading difficulties in primary and intermediate grades) and present research on its effectiveness.

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Featured Research Session: Transforming Dilemmas of Instruction With ILA’s Literacy Research Panel

The goal of this interactive session is to prepare educators to assess problems and generate solutions quickly. Participants will be presented with pre-K–12 dilemmas and work together with Literacy Research Panel members to develop research-based solutions.

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Meet the Researchers Poster Session

This is a forum for the presentation of research (including background research, methodology, and summary of research findings and dissertations) and the opportunity to talk one-on-one with researchers conducting current research in literacy.

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Institute 07, Research Institute: Developing Conceptual Knowledge Through Oral and Written Language*

This Preconference Institute allows attendees to interact with researchers as they present practical applications of their findings and encourage participants to apply them in schools and classrooms.

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* An additional fee applies for Preconference Institutes.

Please note: Presenters, dates, times, and topics are subject to change.