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Kia Brown-Dudley

Kia Brown-Dudley
Vice President

What you help a child to love can be more important then what you help him to learn.
—African Proverb

Kia Brown-Dudley developed a love for stories as a child and as an adult supports schools and communities in nurturing a love of literacy in children. Currently, she serves as the Director of Programs & Partnerships for The Education Partners, where she collaborates with stakeholders to create transformational learning opportunities.

Kia's career began as a teacher in the New York City Department of Education. Her expertise includes leading blended professional learning, developing research-based reading programs, and directing national initiatives advocating for transparency and equity in pre-K–12 education. She has collaborated with organizations such as the Boys' Club of New York, Reading Is Fundamental, and the National Urban League on family and community literacy empowerment and is the author of the Read and Rise Family Guide.

Kia earned a Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University and a Master of Arts in the Psychological Foundations of Reading from New York University. She will whole-heartedly serve ILA members as they work to guarantee that literacy is a fundamental, inalienable, human right for all.