Write/Review for ILA

Write for ILA

Whether you want to share a classroom teaching tip or the results of a research study, ILA has a publication to meet your needs. For more information, please read the instructions provided below for each publication.

ILA journals

ILA journals are peer reviewed, edited by leaders in the field, and produced by a professional publishing staff. Authors receive careful evaluation of their work and detailed advice regarding how it can best be presented. Our journals reach tens of thousands of literacy educators worldwide, so you can be guaranteed a wide audience for your work. Each journal has particular requirements; see the individual links below for more information.

Literacy Today

Literacy Today, ILA's digital magazine for members, accepts submissions of articles from 900 to 950 words that reflect current topics in literacy instruction such as family engagement, social justice issues, literacy in resource-limited settings, early literacy, English learners, coaching, and professional development and provide easy-to-implement ideas for today's educators. Email literacytoday@reading.org with article submissions, suggestions, and pitches. Bylines, author bios, and author photos are required.

Upcoming issue deadlines are as follows:

  • July/August/September 2024: May 1
  • October/November/December 2024: August 1
  • January/February/March 2025: November 1
  • April/May/June 2025: February 3

Review for ILA

Manuscripts submitted to ILA journals undergo a rigorous peer-review process, which is critical to ensuring that published content is accurate, timely, and of consistently high quality.

Ad hoc reviewer opportunities are available for all three ILA journals. For more information, please see the instructions for reviewers.

We thank you for your interest in getting involved with ILA’s publications.