Children's Rights to Read

The Children’s Rights to Read initiative, founded on 10 fundamental rights every child deserves, was developed to ensure that every child, everywhere, has access to the education, opportunities, and resources needed to read.

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"ILA stands against book banning and censorship, both of which violate the principles of our Children's Rights to Read initiative. To advance literacy, we must advocate for access to books and the ability to choose which to read."

—Kenneth Kunz, ILA President of the Board


Learn more about the initiative in The Case for Children's Rights to Read, and then explore these additional resources that embody their values and principles:

Stand Against Censorship

Several of ILA’s Children’s Rights to Read are against censorship by nature, but none more direct than Right 3: Children have the right to choose what they read. It is incumbent on everyone who believes in the rights of children to push back against the banning of books from schools and libraries. ILA is proud to stand with United Against Book Bans as a member of the growing coalition working to uphold every child’s right to read.