Rights & Permissions

All publications and websites of the International Literacy Association (ILA), including print and digital formats, are protected by U.S. Copyright Law and are owned by ILA, unless otherwise noted. The materials are provided for the personal, noncommercial use of those who purchase ILA publications or visit ILA sites.

Please note: The information below is intended for those who wish to reproduce or otherwise reuse material already published by ILA. If you are an author submitting a manuscript for consideration for publication by ILA, more information about copyright and obtaining permission releases is available on the Copyright & Permissions page.

Obtaining permission to reproduce ILA materials

Please contact your national reprographic organization.

In the United States:

Copyright Clearance Center
222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers, MA 01923 USA
Phone: 978.750.8400
Fax: 978.750.4744

In Canada:

Access Copyright
The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency
One Yonge Street, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1E5
Phone: 416.868.1620
Fax: 416.868.1621

Note: All journal-related permissions should be sent to Wiley at permissions@wiley.com.

Types of use: guidelines and procedures

Fair use: Brief passages from ILA material may be reproduced without permission, with appropriate citation, under the doctrine of fair use. Please visit the U.S. copyright office website for information on how to determine whether fair use applies. A photocopy of a single article or chapter from an ILA publication may be made without permission for one-time, nonprofit, educational use.

ILA authors reusing their own work: ILA does not restrict its authors from reusing work published originally by and copyrighted to ILA, provided appropriate citation is made. Further, authors of journal articles or book chapters, or their institutions, are permitted to post or deposit a copy of the preprint version (final, peer-reviewed manuscript) on the author's personal website or to an institutional repository, but only six months after the work is published by ILA. A copyright notice, digital object identifier (DOI), and link to literacyworldwide.org must appear on the work. Use of a final published version in any electronic or other type of format is not permitted unless permission is obtained in writing and applicable fees are paid to ILA.

Photocopies: Individual ILA members may make multiple copies of ILA articles and chapters without permission for in-service presentations or for coursepacks. Nonmembers should contact the Copyright Clearance Center.

Reprint/republication: To reprint or republish ILA materials other than journal articles, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center. Republication is limited to two chapters from a book, and a new publication may not include more than 25% ILA material.

Licenses for electronic reproduction: Posting of ILA material on the Internet is generally restricted to secured, password-protected websites (with the exception of authors depositing of their own work to an institutional repository—see above). Licensors must agree to terms set forth by ILA in the license for website and all other digital production.

Library reserve: Up to 10 photocopies of a single article or chapter may be reproduced for use in an educational institution. For secured, password-protected digital or electronic reserve, ILA members may post journal articles for one semester without permission. Nonmembers must contact the Copyright Clearance Center.

Reproducing materials for those with disabilities: ILA allows republication of its materials in print or sound recordings for use by blind, deaf, or other disabled persons. In keeping with this policy, students with disabilities will be permitted to scan ILA material for personal use with assistive technologies. Students or their school representative must apply for permission by contacting the Copyright Clearance Center.

Videos: Copying of ILA videos is prohibited. Permission to copy or broadcast videos produced by organizations other than ILA must be obtained from the producer.

Translations: To translate an ILA publication into a language other than English, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center.

Adaptations: Requests to adapt ILA material should be accompanied by a copy of the intended adaptation.