Awards & Grants

Nila Banton Smith Teacher as Researcher Grant

This US$5,000 grant is given to teachers who conduct research inquiries in their classrooms and show outstanding leadership in translating theory and current research into practice in developing content area literacy. Applicants must be ILA members.

This grant is no longer active.

Recent recipients


Patricia Garcia

Patricia Garcia, James Rutter Middle School, Sacramento, CA
Using Poetry to Develop Social Justice Awareness and Critical Literacy Among Students in Special Education



Scott Storm


No award given


Sarah Valter, Jillian Skouby, and Katie Syrett
That’s a Novel Idea! Using Novel Engineering to Support Reading Comprehension, Collaborative Problem-Solving, and Application of the Design Process


Danielle Rylak and Erin Ruegg
How Can Spanish Trade Books Support Family Involvement and Improvement in Spanish and English Literacy for Dual Language Learners?

Nila Banton Smith Award: Shavonne Marie Jacobson


Deborah Rude, Bethany Silva, and Linda Iannetta
Research to Practice: Implementing Evidence-Based Close Reading and Writing Strategies

Nila Banton Smith Award: Deborah Neal Hollimon, Angela Madsen


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