Alpha Upsilon Alpha

Alpha Upsilon Alpha, the honor society of the International Literacy Association, was created in 1985 to recognize and encourage scholarship, the development of personal and professional leadership, and service to the field of reading at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The Greek letters chosen for this honor society are significant: They come from the words Anagnosis (reading), Upotrophia (scholarship), and Archon (leadership). The society motto, which is attributed to Horace, says it all: "Lege sapere aude," or "Read, dare to be wise."

Alpha Upsilon Alpha

Membership in Alpha Upsilon Alpha brings a sense of scholarly accomplishment in the field of reading and language arts. Members are acknowledged for having excelled in their chose field of study, and are recognized as professionals committed to the importance of reading and language arts in education.

An individual may become a member of the honor society by applying to or being nominated by the screening committee of an Alpha Upsilon Alpha chapter. There are two membership categories: undergraduate/graduate and faculty/alumni.

Active AUA chapters

Albany State University (GA) Lambda Tau Alpha Chapter
Bridgewater University (MA) Alpha Pi Chapter
Fayetteville State University (NC) Alpha Sigma Chapter
Fordham University (NY) Beta Iota Chapter
Framingham State University (MA) Alpha Pi Chapter
Georgia State University (GA) Alpha Gamma Chapter
Holy Family University (PA) Beta Epsilon Chapter
Judson University (IL) Alpha Epsilon Chi Chapter
Loyola University Chicago (IL) Pi Chapter
Monmouth University (NJ) Beta Pi Chapter
Murray State University (KY) Eta Chapter
North Greenville University (SC) Beta Delta Chapter
Saint Joseph’s University (PA) Alpha Zeta Chapter
SUNY Buffalo State College (NY) Alpha Iota Chapter
University of Texas at San Antonio (TX) Alpha Gamma Mu Chapter
Weber State University (UT) Beta Zeta Chapter
West Chester University (PA) Epsilon Chapter
Widener University (PA) Alpha Psi Chapter

Featured AUA Chapter

Widener University Alpha Psi Chapter
October 2023

On Thursday, October 5, 2023, Dana Reisboard, Alpha Psi Chapter advisor and associate professor of Literacy Education at Widener University, alongside Katia Ciampa, president of the Alpha Psi Chapter and associate professor of Literacy Education, organized a virtual literacy conference. This virtual conference included the induction of six new members into the Alpha Psi Chapter. These individuals were selected on the basis of scholarship, service, and leadership.