ILA Bridges

Grade Span: 3–5

Research and Persuade—What Animal Should Be New at the Zoo?

An Interdisciplinary Unit for Grades 3–5

Julie J. Albee, Larinee Dennis, Megan Hathaway, Sue Spiegelhoff, J'lynne Mundle, & Melanie Smith

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Research and Persuade-What Animal Should Be New at the Zoo?

What's Inside

Children are naturally interested in animals. Engage students in a real-world situation in this interdisciplinary unit. The board at the local zoo is adding one endangered animal and it is up to each student group to convince the board it should be their animal. Students are responsible for researching an endangered animal; writing a newspaper article; creating an effective visual presentation; and presenting an informative and persuasive oral presentation. Opportunities for cooperative learning, writing, revision, self-evaluation, and teacher feedback are provided throughout the unit.

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