The Science of Reading

This collection of resources highlights a range of perspectives on the science of reading (SOR) instruction from some of the most exciting and influential literacy researchers in the field.

On-Demand Webinars

The Science of Reading Comprehension Instruction
—A Webinar With Nell K. Duke

Discover what decades of research tell us about the nature of comprehension and how to develop students’ comprehension in schools in this webinar with Nell K. Duke, hosted by Kia Brown-Dudley.

Unpacking the Science of Reading: A Conversation with the Editors of Reading Research Quarterly

In a conversation facilitated by Liisa Moilanen Potts of, RRQ coeditors Amanda P. Goodwin and Robert T. Jiménez discuss their rationale behind their drive to create special issues of RRQ that answer the questions: What is SOR, and why can’t anyone seem to agree on what SOR encompasses.

Reading Research Quarterly Special Issues on the Science of Reading

Science of Reading Part 1

This first special issue takes a comprehensive look at the supports for, critiques of, and questions about the science of reading. Top downloaded articles include the following:

It's Time to Be Scientific About Dyslexia

The Science of Learning to Read Words: A Case for Systematic Phonics Instruction

Building on the ideas covered in the first issue, this second special issue expands on the theories, models, and conceptualizations of the science of reading. Top downloaded articles include the following:

The Science of Reading Progresses: Communicating Advances Beyond the Simple View of Reading

What Matters Most? Toward a Robust and Socially Just Science of Reading

Science of Reading Part 2
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RRQ Live With the Authors Series

RRQ coeditor Amanda P. Goodwin interviews authors from the SOR special issue to get an even deeper dive into their research. Watch the interviews.