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At ILA, we believe that educators deserve tailored learning opportunities that are designed to match their unique needs and provide real-world application.


What is an ILA Intensive?

An ILA Intensive is a professional learning event that is grounded in real literacy issues, with a focus on theory embedded in practice. Each Intensive is a partnership between ILA and a host, which may be a district, state, organization, or ILA chapter. ILA will work with the host to identify a literacy challenge that's critical to improving student outcomes.

Because we believe that professional development works best when embedded in the real world, Intensives are

  • Developed with educators in mind and focused around a critical literacy need
  • Programmed with practitioners and researchers as the key audience
  • Infused with a variety of session formats, including inspiring keynote speakers, informational panels, and engaging workshops that provide educators with the research and strategies they can implement for student growth
  • Designed to be smaller, more personal learning experiences conducive to collaboration

Interested in hosting an Intensive in your district or state?

Here's why you should:

  • Intensives bring researchers and practitioners together around a shared literacy challenge that you help decide on.
  • Your teachers and leaders can showcase the important work going on in your district around this challenge.
  • The opportunity presents your educators with easy access to workshops that will improve their practice.

For more information about hosting an ILA Intensive, please fill out the form below.