ILA Network

ILA's unrivaled international network connects literacy practitioners in more than 128 countries across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Oceania. This tightly knit community of literacy students, teachers, experts, and leaders facilitates ongoing communication, connection, and active participation in chapters, SIGs, international affiliates, and global support networks. Find out how you can get involved and hit the ground running as an ILA member!

State, provincial, and local chapters

Groups affiliate with ILA through chartered chapters operating at the local, state, provincial, and regional levels. ILA members can tap into these local chapter networks to collaborate with colleagues, gain connections, and contribute their voices and expertise to the global literacy movement.

International affiliates

Established in over 128 countries (including more than 40 countries with developing economies), ILA affiliates are grassroots organizations dedicated to providing the literacy resources and support that their local and national communities need.

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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (or SIGs) allow ILA members to connect with people who share their passion for specific areas of literacy education (everything from children's literature to storytelling to technology). By encouraging member interaction and information sharing, these forums advance literacy by focusing on areas not typically covered in general instruction.

Alpha Upsilon Alpha Honor Society

The purpose of Alpha Upsilon Alpha (ILA's national honor society) is to recognize scholarship, leadership, and service in the field of literacy at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The society's motto says it all: "Lege sapere aude," or "Read, dare to be wise."


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