20 Research Articles for 2020

"Exploring Digital Literacy Practices in an Inclusive Classroom" by Detra Price-Dennis, Kathlene A. Holmes, and Emily Smith (The Reading Teacher, 2015)

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, remote learning and online instruction are becoming dominant in educational settings because of the health risks of physical contact. As teachers change their instructional platform to predominantly online, it is crucial for them to consider how they could rely more heavily on digital tools to foster and sustain students' myriad literacy skills and ways of knowing and being. Price-Dennis, Holmes, and Smith provide specific activities and digital tools that teachers can incorporate in their (online) classrooms to encourage students to draw on their individual and collective strengths, to make sense of their surroundings while trying to make a difference in society. The inclusive and digital literacy practices introduced in this article encouraged students to experiment with digital tools. Using these digital platforms, the students showcased their diverse perspectives, created communities and built relationships, solved problems that are important to them, and made meaning across modalities. Practitioners who intend to use a variety of digital tools to engage students in 21st-century literacies and critical conversations will find this article timely and useful.

Reviewed by Tairan Qiu, The University of Georgia

Price-Dennis, D., Holmes, K.A., & Smith, E. (2015). Exploring digital literacy practices in an inclusive classroom. The Reading Teacher, 69(2), 195–205. https://doi.org/10.1002/trtr.1398

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