20 Research Articles for 2020

"Five Steps Toward Successful Culturally Relevant Text Selection and Integration" by Sue Ann Sharma and Tanya Christ (The Reading Teacher, 2017)

Across the United States, classrooms continue to become increasingly diverse, which requires educators to think about how to make literacy instruction equitable for all learners. Sharma and Christ discuss five steps to implement to make the shift to culturally responsive teaching:

  1. Recognize the need for culturally responsive instruction.
  2. Get to know more about your students' lives.
  3. Search for culturally relevant texts.
  4. Select culturally relevant texts for instruction.
  5. Identify critical and personal response opportunities for instruction. (p. 295)

Even though the examples shared within this discussion come from a third-grade classroom, educators from all grade levels can apply the steps and resources to transform literacy instruction and learning for all students.

Reviewed by Kirsten Foti, Texas Woman's University

Sharma, S.A., & Christ, T. (2017). Five steps toward successful culturally relevant text selection and integration. The Reading Teacher, 71(3), 295–307. https://doi.org/10.1002/trtr.1623

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