20 Research Articles for 2020

"SEARCHing for an Answer: The Critical Role of New Literacies While Reading on the Internet" by Laurie A. Henry (The Reading Teacher, 2006)

In a time when people search for answers about COVID-19 and racial inequality on the internet, it is critical that educators support students as they hone their internet search skills to find and identify accurate and reliable information online. The internet influences all aspects of society, from how people get information on current events to how people process current events. Henry provides a six-step framework, SEARCH, to guide teachers as they instruct students on how to navigate New Literacies and the ambiguity of internet search engines. The SEARCH framework provides concrete strategies through the six steps to help educators and students think critically about searching online for information. Henry also provides teachers with resources such as websites and software to help students develop information literacy. Combined, the SEARCH framework and the resources provided in this article offer students a sense of agency and confidence as they continue to build their New Literacies reading and comprehension skills. As online search engines are becoming a primary source for locating information, it is crucial that we provide teachers and students with the necessary skills, resources, and education to traverse the online landscape in 2020 and beyond.

Reviewed by Victoria Flores, University of Wyoming

Henry, L.A. (2006). SEARCHing for an answer: The critical role of new literacies while reading on the internet. The Reading Teacher, 59(7), 614–627. https://doi.org/10.1598/RT.59.7.1

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