Literacy Glossary


Literacy Glossary: The First 300 Words represents the fulfillment of an idea from Douglas Fisher, ILA President of the Board, to create a living document of language that would be familiar and commonly used by literacy educators. He tasked the completion of this idea to the Literacy Research Panel.

The combined efforts of five members of the Literacy Research Panel and chair, and many reviewers who represent deep and wide knowledge of literacy development, learning, and practice, were indispensable to this effort. This project team consisted of Donna Alvermann, Robert Jiménez, David E. Kirkland, Donna Ogle, and D. Ray Reutzel.

David Kirkland did major editing to ensure that the style, tone, and voice of the definitions were similar. Words were then shared with external reviewers who provided a thorough review that was then returned to the initial five LRP members who considered all reviewers' suggestions and crafted the final list with definitions that appear as this glossary.

Literacy reviewers were invited because of their expertise and diversity of knowledge and experience. Most reviewers were asked to review words that pertained primarily to one section of the glossary. Timothy Shanahan, however, reviewed all 300 terms. A special, and very appreciative, thank you to him for his time and insights.

Special thanks is extended to Sara Johnson and her Teacher Created Materials colleagues for so willingly agreeing to sponsor the publication of Literacy Glossary: The First 300 Words and to have it ready in time to share at the ILA 2018 Conference in Austin, TX. Although time was tight throughout this project, her calmness regarding production never wavered.

Finally, endless gratitude is expressed to Dan Mangan, ILA's Director of Public Affairs, who supported and managed this project from its onset through completion. He is definitely the one who made Literacy Glossary a reality. Thank you too to Marcella Moore at ILA for scheduling what seemed to be the never-ending meetings of the LRP.

Please know how much I appreciate each of you for your willingness, humor, and steadfast efforts. You are quite a team.

—Diane Lapp
Literacy Research Panel Chair