Frequently asked questions about Standards for the Preparation of Literacy Professionals, 2017 Edition

What literacy professional roles are addressed in ILA's standards?

There are literacy professional preparation standards for nine roles, organized in five categories:

  • Specialized Literacy Professionals (reading/literacy specialists, literacy coaches, literacy coordinators/supervisors)
  • Classroom Teachers (pre-K/primary, elementary/intermediate, middle/high school)
  • Principals
  • Teacher Educators
  • Literacy Partners

The 2017 edition describes standards for three specialized literacy professional roles. When using these standards for preparing candidates for the reading/literacy specialist certification, should one program prepare candidates for all three roles?

Programs preparing reading/literacy specialists should use standards for that role only. The other two roles are used to inform development of programs that prepare literacy coaches and literacy coordinators/supervisors.

How can I get a copy of ILA's standards?

The 2017 edition is available for purchase in both print and PDF format. Visit for details.

Do ILA's standards address classroom teachers?

Yes. The 2017 edition provides in-depth guidance on research-based, promising practices for literacy instruction and assessment for pre-K/primary, elementary/intermediate, and middle/high school classroom teachers.

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