Style Guide

K = kindergarten (note lack of capitalization)

Kansas Reading Association = KRA

Some Kazak people object to the inclusion of the h in their country's name, claiming it is a relic of Soviet attempts to Russify the now-independent republics. Yet Kazakhstan is still the generally accepted spelling in western publications. When an author or context demands that the h be dropped, ILA writers and editors are advised to comply (making note of the fact on a style sheet). In other cases, however, they should use the more common kh spelling of the word.

Keystone State (Pennsylvania) Reading Association = KSRA


The decision to use the lowercase spelling is a departure from previous ILA style and an outgrowth of the decision to lowercase grade numbers. Note that the abbreviation is still a capital K.

kindergartner (preferred over kindergartener)



As is the case with Kazakhstan/Kazakstan, the debate over the proper spelling of Kosovo/Kosova is divided along ethnic and political lines. As a province of Serbia, this region has long been called Kosovo; however, Kosovars of Albanian descent--who constitute a majority of the population--prefer Kosova. Because the o ending is still considered standard by most western publications, ILA authors and editors should use Kosovo unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise. If the author or political context of a particular book, article, or other work demands the a spelling, it is permissible, but the exception should be noted clearly on the style sheet.


KRA = Kansas Reading Association

KSRA = Keystone State (Pennsylvania) Reading Association

(What I know, what I want to learn; what I have learned) Strategy for increasing comprehension of expository text. The term should be credited to Donna Ogle.