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In the Exhibit Hall at the 2012 Annual Convention

 | Apr 23, 2012

You’ll want to hit the ground running the moment you arrive at the 2012 IRA Annual Convention in Chicago. There will be a vast array of tools and services on the exhibit floor to sharpen your literacy teaching techniques and invigorate your learning experience.

Convention Exhibit Hall

Get your start in the IRA Bookstore, stocking publications to expand your mind, T-shirts and other IRA gear to show your pride, and refreshments to keep you on the move. Here’s a quick overview of some other services so you know what’s what. 

Technology Row

New for 2012 is a little haven we call Technology Row, featuring cuttingedge tools for use in literacy education. Participating exhibitors include Logical Choice, School Improvement Network, Wiley-Blackwell, and AWE Digital Learning Solutions. Technology Row is located right next to the IRA Bookstore. Technology Row exhibitors include: 

  • Logical Choice: A leader in advancing technology for the classroom and campus into the next century. 
  • School Improvement Network: Helping teachers with a suite of on-demand products designed for their professional development.
  • Wiley-Blackwell: Publisher of awardwinning encyclopedias, books, scholarly journals (including IRA’s The Reading Teacher, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, and Reading Research Quarterly), and online resources.
  • AWE Digital Learning Solutions: Creating digital learning solutions for classrooms, afterschool programs, libraries, and media centers that help children “learn how to learn.”

Non-Profit Row

IRA council and affiliate representatives along with our partners in the literacy world will be on hand to answer your questions and share their latest efforts to improve, promote, and advance literacy education. Non-Profit Row is next to Technology Row and the IRA Bookstore.

21st Century Classroom

Want to get a peek at the classroom of the not-so-distant future? Scholastic is sponsoring a comprehensive training center to help you connect with the students of today and tomorrow in Booth 1014. You’ll get expert insights on making an impact with technology and learn how to plug it all in to your classroom. Renowned educational leaders including Tim Rasinski and Ted Hasselbring will be on hand with tips, tricks, and techniques.

IRA WebStation

Need a computer bigger than the one you carry in your pocket? We’ve provided two WebStations with fast, trouble-free connection enabling you to check email, like us on Facebook, or print your boarding passes for the return flight home. You’ll find one at McCormick Place West Hall F2 and the other in the common area adjacent to the General Session.

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