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School-based solutions: Literacy Learning Library
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ILA Chapter Spotlight: Illinois Reading Council

ILA Staff
 | Nov 13, 2023
LT412_Illinois 2_1080

Illinois Reading Council
Established: 1968

What they do

Our mission is to provide support and leadership to all who promote and teach lifelong literacy.

Why they do it

The Illinois Reading Council (IRC) advocates for high-quality literacy opportunities that empower all learners. As a leading literacy organization, IRC provides access to research, materials, and methodologies to teach literacy and promote lifelong learning. As an active, well-organized system of local and special interest councils and state committees, the IRC provides a supportive network for grassroots involvement and the exchange of information for a diverse membership. Our purposes established by the IRC Board of Directors are

  • To improve the quality of reading instruction at all levels
  • provide a local and statewide network of teachers and administrators associated with literacy issue
  • To support the activities of the local reading councils and provide a concentrated focus about literacy issues
  • To sponsor conferences and meetings to implement the purposes of the council
  • To stimulate and promote literacy research
  • To disseminate knowledge helpful in the solution of problems related to reading
  • To recognize and honor outstanding educators, authors, journalists, and others for significant contributions to reading and language arts
LT412_Illinois 1_680w
Volunteers and preservice teachers at the annual conference

Who can join

IRC encourages all educators, librarians, administrators, parents, and others who would like to promote reading and literacy for all ages to join our organization.

How to join

Visit the website at IRC members have opportunities to attend the annual IRC conference each year as well as many of the local council events being held throughout Illinois. Membership also comes with online access to webinars, book clubs, the IRC Journal, and much more.

Ways to get involved

IRC encourages members to become more involved in their local or special interest councils and/or through one of the many statewide IRC committees. Afterward, IRC hopes members might consider taking a more active role in IRC as one of our literacy leaders. IRC also encourages all Illinois citizens to get involved by becoming an Illinois Reads Ambassador. Illinois Reads Ambassadors can share our bookmarks and posters, plan a Family Reading Night, and/or attend an Illinois Reads Book Festival or other events.

Highlights from recent events

  • 2023 IRC Conference: The 54th IRC Conference, “Revolution: A Change is Gonna Come,” was held in March in Springfield. IRC was delighted to have an outstanding lineup of featured speakers and authors who joined us. It was a phenomenal time for educators to learn new pedagogies and practices.
  • 2023 IRC Leadership Retreat: In July, council leaders from all over Illinois met in Normal, IL for the 2023 IRC Leadership Retreat. It was an energizing event where our council leaders engaged in rich conversations. It helped remind us why we are members of the Illinois Reading Council.
  • Illinois Reads Program at the 2023 Illinois State Fair: IRC was excited to share the Illinois Reads Program in the tent of the Illinois Secretary of State and Honorary Illinois Reads Chair Alexi Giannoulias at the 2023 Illinois State Fair in Springfield. When visiting the fair, Illinois citizens were able to attend story times, meet and greets with Illinois Reads authors, photo opportunities, and much more. IRC was also excited to share more than 700 free autographed Illinois Reads books with children at the fair.



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