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'You've Got Mail:' Correspondence at Its Finest
<img src="/images/default-source/reading-today/letterwriting-082614-th.jpg"/>Our future conversations evolved into something we never expected. Our students developed wonderful friendships via old fashioned pen and paper letters. Thus began the Pen Pal Project.<br /> <br />'you've-got-mail-'-correspondence-at-its-finest
can be sent to Michelle at Happy Writing! Kathleen A. Hunter, MS
Now, that’s a Yarn! Literacy Learning through Crocheting
<img alt="" sfref="[images|OpenAccessDataProvider]bf737dc1-674c-6d52-9eff-ff000089f9b9" src="/images/default-source/engage-blog/08609F518E5D.jpg" />As I crocheted on my own projects I got the idea to teach my students how to crochet, too. I hoped it would be the perfect balm for my classroom of socioeconomically challenged third graders.!-literacy-learning-through-crocheting
, Techniques & Trade Secrets” by Jan Eaton. Kathleen A. Hunter, MS is a literacy tutor and aspiring


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