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5 Questions With... Alma Flor Ada (YES! WE ARE LATINOS)
Alma Flor Ada Professor Emerita of the University of San Francisco is a visionary educator, and prolific author of numerous award-winning children´s books: THE GOLD COIN (Christopher Award); UNDER THE ROYAL PALMS (Pura Belpré Medal); DEAR PETER RABBIT (Parent´s Honor), MY NAME IS MARÍA ISABEL; DANCING HOME; LOVE,AMALIA, I LOVE SATURDAYS Y DOMINGOS (Notable Books for a Global Society List) as well as of A MAGICAL ENCOUNTER: LATINO LITERATURE IN THE CLASSROOM and AUTHORS IN THE CLASSROOM: A TRANSFORMATIVE EDUCATION PROCESS, co-authored with F. Isabel Campoy.!-we-are-latinos)
believers on the magic of poetry! The poems and stories in YES! WE ARE LATINOS cover several, constantly brings to my memory lines from the poetry of the poets I love, the language I first used for storytelling and for creating poetry. But living in the United States, at some point I began, that make you look at yourself, at others, at life with new eyes. When choosing Spanish poetry, beware, , with diminutive suffixes. Poetry does not always require rhyme. There is an abundance of rhyming lines which
Playing with Phonemes
Writers love the sounds of language. Poets in particular pay attention to the basic sounds (phonemes) and how they can be manipulated into musical arrangements (poetic lines). Phonemic awareness, which is a vital stepping stone to the development of reading skills, is therefore important to both the emerging reader and the poet.
the emerging reader and the poet. p: stefernie via photopin cc Poetry makes, help preschool children connect sounds with print using fun, engaging classroom poetry with David L. Harrison and Mary Jo Fresch’s new IRA E-ssentials piece, “Playing with Poetry to Develop Phonemic, than 75 books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for young readers and has been anthologized in more
Boo! Celebrate Halloween With These Literacy Activities
<img src="/images/default-source/reading-today/ghost-reading-th.jpg"/>!-celebrate-halloween-with-these-literacy-activities
, poetry, and more. The International Literacy Association's Children's Literature and Reading Special
Where I’m From: Using Technology to Connect Students Across Cultures
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“Thank you for teaching us to find ourselves through poetry.” One of my students made this comment at the end of the semester I spent teaching autobiographical poetry in Vietnam as a Fulbright Distinguished Teacher. One of my goals was to increase students’ global competence. Finding your, . (Saw Char, “I Am”) The power of poetry and technology combined can help students form, on Twitter. Teachers can access a complete Where I’m From Curriculum Guide online with poetry lessons
Reading Rescue: Preventing the COVID-19 Slide With Lessons for Comprehension and Fluency at Home
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texts and poetry at home with their children. Parents and caregivers should take turns, . The result is an engaging exchange that promotes both improved comprehension and fluency. The poetry, Comprehension & Fluency with Poetry—a poetry Fab Four close reading lesson We’ve also created
Word Play! Children's Book Reviews!-children's-book-reviews
of tongue twisters, puns, homophones or even an invented form of poetry. Cracking the alphabetic, … for all ages! Following the success of his first book of poetry, Oops! (Margaret K. McElderry Books, poetry, this collection begs to be to read aloud or used with group reading, choral reading and performance poetry. Ed Koren’s cross-hatched drawings are the perfect complement to add surprise, , Katz has developed a website called “Help the Poemless” ( Bringing poetry
Pi Day: A Literacy Learning Opportunity
Happy Pi Day to you! Happy Pi Day to you! Happy Pi Day everybody! Happy Pi Day to you! And many more... Have you found yourself singing this in anticipation of March 14, 2012, otherwise known as Pi Day? Do you find yourself at random moments during the day humming the tune to 3.14159?
comes from other sources. The best way to explain found poetry is to share an example of a found, who were about to create found poetry related to electricity (Altieri, 2011). The underlined lines, in a published source. If students have experience with poetry, you might ask them to incorporate poetic, the best content. If students have not been exposed to a variety of poetry, and they have minimal experience with writing their own poetry, they will often try to make the lines of a poem rhyme unless
New Year, New Releases
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is also free. —CA What is Poetry?: The Essential Guide to Reading and Writing Poems. Michael, poetry as he encourages his audience to “read, write, and listen to poetry.” Opening withthe titular question, he discusses and gives examples on a variety of topics such as how poetry suggests, responses to the opening question and feel prepared to read more poetry and write their own verses. Back matter includes an appendix with sites about poetry and videos of poets performing, as well
Fortified Through Words: A Lesson in Owning Our Stories
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, poetry. She knows most of them by heart, she recites them in times of hardship. “Words fortify,” she, library had, so I turned to poetry. In middle school, I started reading the poetry of Maya Angelou, poetry taught me how to write. Not just the rules of writing, but how to put emotion on the page, ’t mind writing poetry. I didn’t even mind people reading my poems. But I had never considered
Texas Teachers: STAAR Professional Development at IRA Annual Convention
<img sfref="[images]ac70c491-ef8f-4149-84e7-6a31871d15d7" src="/images/default-source/reading-today/avatarstaar.jpg" alt="Texas STAAR" title="Texas STAAR" style="float: left; margin: 0px 8px 8px 0px;" />Texas Association for Literacy Education (TALE) President Carolyn Denny shares her picks for STAAR standards in reading and writing.
: Maximizing Achievement for ALL Learners with Regie Routman Mentor Poetry: Making Reading, and Poetry TALE’s session Making a Difference: Texas Authors, Texas Teachers and Texas Literacy, Scaffolding Readers: Increasing the Enjoyment and Understanding of Poetry with Judy Wallis from


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