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Examples of Multimodal Texts throughout the Grades
<img sfref="[images|OpenAccessDataProvider]d2a467c1-674c-6d52-9eff-ff000089f9b9" src="/images/default-source/reading-today/maureen-mclaughlin.jpg?sfvrsn=0.11873139603994787" alt="Maureen McLaughlin" title="Maureen McLaughlin" style="float: left; margin: 0px 8px 8px 0px;" />Maureen McLaughlin offers resources as a supplement to her article about multimodal reading in the October/November 2013 issue of <em>Reading Today</em>.
evening. In E. Paschen (Ed.), Poetry speaks. .. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks Mediafusion. (Frost
The ILA 2015 Conference at Your Fingertips
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: Positively Poetry ILA 2015 Conference Authors ILA Author Spotlight Reviews Five Questions
Stories in Verse
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concrete poetry enriches this realistic verse novel that delivers a powerful punch. Readers can learn, as through prose assignments for her English class. She joins her school’s Spoken World Poetry Club and performs her original slam poetry under the stage name Poet X. “I stand on a stage and / say a poem. /There is power in the word." Xiomara realizes that, through poetry, her family, friends, priest
ILA Announces 2019 Conference Speakers
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bestselling author who facilitated poetry workshops with New Orleans youth in the wake of Hurricane Katrina
Anita's Picks: Tops of 2012 in Picture Books, Novels, and Nonfiction
This has been a great year for children’s books. On the Children’s Book-a-Day Almanac, I’ve been able to look at some fabulous titles in picture books, novels, and nonfiction. Below, I’ve listed a dozen 2012 books that work well in the classroom—or even as holiday gifts!'s-picks-tops-of-2012-in-picture-books-novels-and-nonfiction
to foil the Nazi plan for Norway.” Narrative Nonfiction/Poetry STEP GENTLY OUT (Candlewick, 2012) by Helen Frost “STEP GENTLY OUT not only fosters a love of poetry but also, of the planet. It can be used to celebrate National Poetry Month or on any day of the year. It is one
Future Classics for Your Classroom
<img alt="" sfref="[images|OpenAccessDataProvider]b4a875c1-674c-6d52-9eff-ff000089f9b9" src="/images/default-source/engage-blog/anitasilvey-summary.jpg?sfvrsn=0.40943751065060496" title="AnitaSilvey-summary" style="float: left;" />Like every publishing year, 2013 brought some glorious new books for readers. On the Children’s Book-a-Day Almanac, I always like to remind readers of the classics, the books we shouldn’t forget. But here are some new titles that I think are good enough to become classics in the future.
thinking about food—that is, when he isn’t typing poetry (Ah, yes, that little detail). He writes amazing poetry. As you can see, these elements are not your usual story fare. But I fell for them, Prelutsky and illustrated by Carin Berger “Prelutsky’s poetry is always fun to read aloud
Stories in Rhyme & Novels in Verse
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From picture books filled with eye-catching illustrations to murder mysteries, these authors experiment with various poetic forms or a combination of poetry and prose to tell stories. The lyrical books featured this week will engage and delight readers of all ages. Ages 4–8 Anywhere Farm, tips about rhyme, rhythm, and poetry techniques. —CA The Hawk of the Castle: A Story, have played a role in his murder. Six narrators tell the story, which unfolds in poetry, prose
Books to Motivate Every Reader
<img src="/images/default-source/reading-today/Leroy-Ninker-Saddles-Up-th.jpg"/>These titles can draw in struggling readers and still challenge more confident ones.</p>
explores the love/hate relationship between a boy and poetry. Kevin is in middle school and he is a bully. Ironically, he becomes a victim of bullies when his secret love of poetry is discovered. As “the poetry bandit,” Kevin rips out pages from books, then creates and pins up ingenious Found Poetry, : Wordsong. This book bridges non-fiction and poetry beautifully. Readers will learn about the March
Stories in Rhyme and Novels in Verse
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Karen Hesse’s Newbery Medal–winning Out of the Dust (1997) was one of the first novels in verse for young people. This unique form bridges the worlds of poetry and prose by combining the imagery and cadence of poetry with the narrative arc of prose, using rhymed couplets, tanka, and free verse. Although the very young may enjoy the stories in rhyme, older readers may enter and navigate, on story. A recipient of the Virginia Hamilton Literary Award, the NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry
Looking Back at 2017 Nonfiction
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In looking back at the bounty of nonfiction (including informational books, biographies, and poetry) published in 2017, we have considered the diversity of reading interests of children and young adults and the identification of outstanding trade books with curriculum connections as well as our, INVENTIVE, ABSURDLY FUNNY (and a little bit NAUGHTY) collection of wildly witty words (aka poetry, original poems, written in the “Golden Shovel” format (explained in an introductory “Poetry Form” note


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