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More Ways to Pitch Graphic Novels

by John Schumacher
 | Aug 12, 2014

More  Ways to Pitch Graphic NovelsBefore landing my dream job as a teacher-librarian, I taught third grade for four years. Every morning I placed a book and a short message on two or three students' desks. Sometimes the books and students matched, sometimes they did not. One morning a finicky reader found Amulet: The Stonekeeper on his desk. He usually ignored the note and shoved the book in his desk. Not that day. The cover caught his eye. And guess what? He started reading the words and studying the pictures. He finished it during recess. On the way back to the classroom, he handed me Amulet and said, "When are you going to buy the second book?" A graphic novel reader was born, and I became a staunch believer in the importance of graphic novels in every school classroom and library.

Have you ever encountered a parent, a teacher, or a librarian who does not support graphic novels? I have. Whenever someone questions why I promote graphic novels, I pull one of the following resources out of my hat:

Raising a Reader! How Comics & Graphic Novels Can Help Your Kids Love To Read

I print out a dozen copies of this powerful document before parent-teacher conferences. It is a must-read for every educator and parent.

Using Graphic Novels with Children and Teens: A Guide for Teachers and Librarians

This colorful guide inspired one of my all-time favorite displays in my school library. It shares with everyone who enters our space why we support and promote graphic novels.

The Association for Library Service to Children’s Graphic Novels Reading Lists

Use this list to build or enhance your graphic novel collection.

My Blendspace Lesson

And here is something of my very own. I created a Blendspace lesson that highlights 14 graphic novels I regularly promote in my library.

I hope you have a wonderful school year reading and promoting graphic novels.

John Schumacher is a K-5 School Library Director in Oak Brook, IL. Read his popular blogs, Watch. Connect. Read. and Two Libraries One Voice for even more book suggestions. Follow him on Twitter at @mrschureads.


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