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ILA Unveils First Class of “30 Under 30”

 | Sep 01, 2015

30 under 30 cover 2015The International Literacy Association (ILA), formerly known as the International Reading Association, honors its inaugural 30 Under 30 list in the September/October 2015 issue of Literacy Today (formerly Reading Today). The list recognizes the next generation of young innovators, advocates, and educators who are leading efforts to address the challenges of today’s evolving education field and make a difference in the global literacy landscape.

“I’m thrilled to unveil our first 30 Under 30 list of young individuals who are tirelessly working to impact the future of global literacy advancement,” said Marcie Craig Post, ILA’s executive director. “Today, an astounding 12% of the global population is unable to read or write. These 30 young education champions are developing new, creative strategies to close the literacy gap and, in the process, are transforming lives in their communities and around the world.”

ILA’s 30 Under 30 list highlights young trailblazers from 13 countries and several different sectors and includes nonprofit leaders, classroom teachers, authors, volunteers, researchers, technology startup founders, and entrepreneurs. Each honoree has created and implemented an initiative that either has improved the quality of literacy instruction directly or has increased access to literacy tools in the classroom, community, or online.

See the full story in the latest issue of Literacy Today, ILA’s bimonthly magazine, released today. The honorees will be invited to participate in upcoming global literacy community activities to support the shared cause of advancing literacy for all. To view the magazine feature, visit



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  1. Veronica Azichoba | Oct 01, 2015

    I am trying to figure out how this works.

  2. kofi | Sep 15, 2015
    how do i become a member of ila?
  3. Gerri Settoon | Sep 05, 2015

    Congratulations to these outstanding young people. How reassuring to know that they are striving to promote literacy at home and around the world.  Our children's lives and ours will be better because of their efforts.

    I used to say that I wanted to retire on an island.  I felt safer there due to all the crime committed by individuals with no hope and no resources to improve their conditions.  If these young educators can educate those with no job opportunities due to illiteracy, maybe we can all feel better about remaining in our communities to live out what we hope will be our "golden years"!

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