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Literacy Teaching in Turbulent Times
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Literacy Teaching in Turbulent Times
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ILA Responds to Reports of Misconduct at Recent Event

Marcie Craig Post
 | Dec 10, 2019

We have received messages from a number of you regarding inflammatory and inappropriate comments made at a recent conference hosted by a state chapter.

We want to make it clear that ILA does not tolerate speech that is harassing, threatening, or violent in nature.

In 2018, ILA implemented a Code of Conduct for Participants of ILA Meetings and Events to ensure that the ILA conferences and other ILA meetings and events are safe spaces for all involved.

Leaders of our state chapters, which host their own state conferences, are encouraged to adopt or adapt this Code of Conduct for their meetings and events as well.

Furthermore, ILA’s Member Code of Conduct sets forth an expectation for all members to “follow the ethical standards and best practices evidenced by this Code of Conduct at all times, including, but not limited to: behaving with common courtesy and civility; conducting themselves in a businesslike, ethical and appropriate manner; and not engaging in or facilitating any discriminatory or harassing behavior.”

ILA takes reports of misconduct very seriously. While our organization does not comment on active investigations or disciplinary procedures, we want to assure our members, conference attendees, and other stakeholders that we are taking the appropriate steps to address this situation and are looking at other safeguards we can put in place to avoid a similar incident in the future.

Lastly, we want to encourage those who have experienced or observed violations of either Code of Conduct to contact us by emailing

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