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2-22-2023 webinar on phonics instruction in the leveled book classroom
digital events live and on demand
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2-22-2023 webinar on phonics instruction in the leveled book classroom
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2022 International Literacy Day Welcome

By Kenneth Kunz & Annette Kiberu
 | Sep 08, 2022

To our International Literacy Association (ILA) global community, we want to take this opportunity to join all of you in celebrating 2022 International Literacy Day and to call attention to the amazing work taking place across our committed and dedicated worldwide literacy network. This year’s theme is: “Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces.” As so many have embraced ILA’s Children’s Rights to Read, one can draw immediate connections to Right #6: Children have the right to supportive reading environments with knowledgeable literacy partners. As co-chairs of the ILA Global Committee, we are proud you have partnered with ILA to carry out this work. We invite you to share how you are embracing quality, equitable, and inclusive learner-centered learning for all.

Our work this year began with a focus on joy around literacy, as we were able to meet for the first time face-to-face since the pandemic at the Federation of European Literacy Associations (FELA) Conference hosted in partnership with the Literacy Association of Ireland (LAI) in beautiful Dublin. Like the projects and initiatives presented to ILA’s global community, we were humbled to participate in their celebration of literacy, diversity, and new directions in the aftermath of COVID-19. As a proud supporter of this year’s event, ILA recognizes that there are countless opportunities to join hand in hand with networks advancing literacy across the globe, and our membership is second to none when it comes to research, innovation, practice, and service.

On this International Literacy Day, our joy around this work continues as we participate in the many events taking place around the world. On this one day alone, the collective efforts of our network impact millions of readers across all of our regions and affiliates. As you celebrate this day with your schools, families, and communities, we invite you to visit to learn more about how the “I” is represented across ILA. Click on “Get Involved” and learn more under “Chapters and Affiliates.” We know you will be inspired by responses to literary needs impacting communities around the globe.

If reimagining literacy through a global lens is new to the work that you do, or if you are looking to transform literacy in global ways in the aftermath of the pandemic, we share a few tips that have helped to bring our work into perspective:

  • Connect with a colleague from across the globe. Consider attending an international literacy conference (virtually, or in person!). We are looking forward to FELA 2024 in Chania, Greece.
  • Evaluate your local/school/classroom libraries to inventory representation of voices and diverse experiences from around the world.
  • Visit the ILA website to explore possible literacy networking opportunities. Identify a global affiliate participating in initiatives and projects aligned with your core values and interests.
  • Joining ILA is just a click away; membership is open to all of us. By joining or encouraging new members to join, you will learn, enjoy, and grab exposure to the latest research and practices. Join today to add to your knowledge as you promote literacy globally.
  • Enjoy the numerous literacy awards and grants that are open to all members internationally.
  • Write for Literacy Today, ILA's member magazine, or Literacy Now, ILA's blog, and share your International Literacy Day project. Showcase how you are transforming literacy learning.
  • Tag @ILAToday in your Twitter posts so we can connect and share your work! Use the official event hashtag in all of your tweets: #LiteracyDay.

On this International Literacy Day, we would like to recognize YOU for supporting ILA’s mission and are proud that you are part of our ILA network. We wish you a safe, happy, and healthy International Literacy Day and look forward to hearing the different ways you bring readers together around the globe both today and throughout the year.

Wishing you all the best,

Kenneth Kunz        Annette Kiberu
Co-Chairs, ILA Global Committee

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